Rope Wick Applicators - Handheld / Pipe & Rope Only

WeedWand Handheld Applicator




3 sizes to choose from:

    1 inch (for small areas like flowebeds - holds 10 oz.)

    10 inch (most common size - holds 16 oz.)

    20 inch (for extra large weed problems - holds 18 oz.)

Now you can safely use non-selective chemicals

Eliminates unwanted kill from overspray

Kills only what you wipe

Unused chemical can be saved by storing unit upright

Durable and replaceable ropes

Handle length: 43 inches

Pipe & Rope Only

New style, gravity flow applicator:

Available in 5 and 7.5 ft. lengths (can be shipped UPS)

These applicators can be connected together for uninterrupted rope coverage by overlapping the end rope from one applicator to another

Create your own custom length by mixing/matching sizes

Includes pipe with pre-installed ropes, adapter fittings, and center fill cap

Traditional, gravity-flow applicator:

Available in 4 sizes:

    120 inch

    160 inch

    180 inch

    240 inch

Includes pipe with pre-installed adapter fittings, baffles, and elbow end cap (ropes are easily installed by customer)

NOTE: These larger sizes (120 inch and above) must be shipped by truck freight (can NOT be shipped UPS).


IMPORTANT: At least 3/4 of the pipe length must be supported by steel angle or square/rectangular tubing to prevent flex damage to PVC pipe.  Failure to properly support pipe will cause it to crack!