Optional Attachments

Broadcast Booms


30 ft. Spray Width


Available in either manual or hydraulic fold

3-section boom control

Breakaway wing hinges

Removable stands

No-drip diaphragm nozzle bodies - 28" spacing

Optional triple rotating nozzle bodies

Tips not included


NOTE: Requires hydraulic lift (not included)


41 ft. Spray Width


Available in hydraulic fold only

3-section boom control

Breakaway wing hinges

Removable stands

Choice of simultaneous or independent fold

Includes integrated hydraulic lift (cannot be used with other attachments)

No-drip diaphragm nozzle bodies - 20" spacing

Optional triple rotating nozzle bodies

Tips not included

WickMaster Rope Wick Applicator

Patented pressure/vacuum recirculating system

Allows use of non-selective chemical to control red rice and other weeds above the crop

20 ft. width

Two 12-volt pumps

Diamond braid polyester rope with acrylic core

Heavy wall 3" PVC pipe

5 mph application speed

Capacity: 7.5 gallons

Recommended working volume: 3-5 gallons

Optional transport rack for carrying on transport/nurse trailer


NOTE: Requires hydraulic lift (not included)



WickMaster Facts:


Patented pressure/vacuum recirculating system eliminates drips and recovers unused chemical using 12-volt pumps

Keeps ropes wetter and minimizes waste

Improves efficiency with faster recharge rate than gravity flow

Up to 5mph application speed

Angled ropes yield 10X more rope-to-weed contact

90% effective kill with 1 pass!

Allows safe application of non-selective chemical to control unwanted weeds/grasses above the crop

Proven effective on glyphosate resistant weeds

WickMaster Transport Rack




Transport your WickMaster easily and safely

Attaches to transport/nurse trailer

Includes tie-down straps


Hydraulic Lift


50 inch lift range (approx. height 30-80 inches)

Parallel linkage holds attachment angle constant

Includes two 2.5x8 inch cylinders

Plugs into quick couplers on MudMaster

Mounts to either front or rear of MudMaster

Required to operate the following attachments:

    30 ft. broadcast boom

    WickMaster rope wick applicator

    Spill puller


NOTE: Reduces maximum MudMaster wheel spacing to 89"

Rider Seats




Attaches to front toolbar on MudMaster

Durable cushioned seats

Large canvas umbrellas

Folding ladders and expanded metal floorboards

Available with or without spray guns

Carry extra riders to spot spray or rogue red rice

Levee Boom




2-section spray control

Center section - for straddling levees

Single wing - for spraying from the side of levee

Mounts directly to rear toolbar of MudMaster

Center section is height adjustable

Includes 6 wide angle Turbo TeeJet tips

Spill Puller Package



No more back strain

Reduces torn and ruined spills

Complete package includes:

    Puller (attaches to hydraulic lift)

    Stake box (attaches to front toolbar)

    Buddy seat (rider seat without umbrella)

    Spill rack (attaches to rear toolbar)

Allows you to carry spills out on MudMaster

Works with wood boards or rebar rods


NOTE: Requires hydraulic lift (not included)

Levee Ram


Cut drainage slots through levees

Gets water off fields faster

Attaches to front legs of MudMaster

Includes hydraulic cylinder for raising/lowering

Removable stands for storage


NOTE: MudMaster must be loaded backward on transport/nurse trailer when Levee Ram is attached

Ditcher Plow


Cuts clean, continuous drainage ditches

Heavy duty 22 inch blades

Blades run just outside of tires

Deposits dirt into tire tracks

Blade arms can be repositioned on rear of ditcher to reduce transport width (see right blade in picture)

Includes 2 hydraulic cylinders

Attaches to rear legs of MudMaster

Mud Stomper Furrow Opener

Attach to rear wheel hubs (2004 model - present)

"Stomp" an inlet in tire ruts to help remove standing water - especially important during planting season

Adjust depth of furrow opener using set screws to fit specific field conditions


IMPORTANT: Height of opener should always be reduced to minimum setting prior to transport

Precision Spraying Options

Automatic Spray Controller


Constantly maintains target application rate (GPA)

Adjusts spray pressure in response to ground speed

Includes GPS receiver

Replaces standard manual boom control valve on MudMaster

NOTE: Best suited for customers who spray a large number of acres or who demand the utmost in application accuracy


Matrix® 430 GPS Guidance System


High-contrast, full-color, 4.3 inch touchscreen provides superior visibility in bright light

On-screen coverage mapping shows where you’ve already sprayed

Displays additional info including: acres sprayed, time worked, and ground speed

Guidance modes include: straight AB, curved AB, circle pivot, and last pass

Produces Google Earth maps and .PDF/.KML reports


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