Rope-A-DopeTM Gravity Flow Applicator

Gravity flow principle - pour chemical into pipe, tilt ropes to desired angle (45 degrees downward recommended), and wipe wet ropes across weeds.  Allows safe application of non-selective chemical to control unwanted weeds and grasses above the crop.  Durable wick ropes are made with a diamond braid, polyester jacket over an acrylic core and are easily removed for cleaning or replacing.  Heavy wall 3" PVC pipe features threaded adapters to guard against leaks and is vented for continuous flow.  May require 2 passes (in opposite directions) in heavy infestations.  3mph recommended application speed.


Attaches in place of tractor's weight bracket

Parallel linkage style hydraulic lift holds ropes at a constant angle while raising/lowering and provides a 4 ft. range of height adjustment

Universal mounting brackets fit most tractors (does not fit JD4010/20)

Available in the following widths:

  7.5 ft., 10 ft., 12.5 ft., 15 ft.,

  17.5 ft., and 20 ft.





Attaches using 2 heavy-duty bucket clamps

Support bar slides into bucket clamp receivers

Available in the following widths:

  7.5 ft., 10 ft., 12.5 ft., 15 ft.,

  17.5 ft., and 20 ft.



Available in 5 ft. and 7.5 ft. widths.

Mix/match sizes to create whatever overall length you desire.

End rope will overlap from one applicator to another for uninterrupted rope coverage when combining multiple applicators.

Example: To achieve a total length of 20' combine two 7.5' units and one 5' unit.  Future expansion is simple - just add additional units!