RiceMateTM ATV Broadcast/Levee Sprayer

  • 35-gallon total capacity (20-gallon rear tank + 15-gallon front tank)
  • 20 ft. broadcast boom with breakaway wing hinges
  • Includes 6 FloodJet tips and no-drip nozzle bodies on 40 inch spacing
  • Each wing can be shut off individually
  • For levee spraying, use only the outer tip on a single wing in elevated position
  • Hand spray gun with 10'5" reinforced hose
  • Diaphragm pump: 12V, 4.9 GPM, max pressures - 45 PSI (single nozzle) / 27 PSI (6 nozzles)
  • Handlebar mounted pressure gauge and on/off switch with wiring harness