WickMasterTM Pressurized / Recirculating Applicator




WickMaster Facts:


Patented pressure/vacuum recirculating system eliminates drips and recovers unused chemical using 12-volt pumps

Keeps ropes wetter and minimizes waste

Improves efficiency with faster recharge rate than gravity flow

Up to 5mph application speed

Angled ropes yield 10X more rope-to-weed contact

90% effective kill with 1 pass!

Allows safe application of non-selective chemical to control unwanted weeds/grasses above the crop

Proven effective on glyphosate resistant weeds



Attaches in place of tractor's weight bracket

Parallel linkage style hydraulic lift holds ropes at a constant angle while raising/lowering and provides a 4 ft. range of height adjustment (actual height varies by tractor model)

Includes 2x10, flow restricted, hydraulic cylinder



Folding support frame features multi-position, manual folding linkages, which can easily be replaced with 2x8 cylinders (not included) to convert to hydraulic fold

Width: 20, 26.5, or 30 ft.


Universal mounting brackets fit most tractors (does not fit JD4010/20)



Attaches using 2 heavy-duty bucket clamps

Support bar slides into bucket clamp receivers

Width: 20 ft. rigid



Mounts to hydraulic lift of MudMaster 4WD self-propelled sprayer

Width: 20 ft. rigid