7 Reasons To Own A MudMaster:

1. You need to spray in areas where larger

    sprayers (both self-propelled and tractor

    mounted) won't go because of their heavy

    weight, low ground clearance, and larger



5. You desire minimal crop and field damage

    when applying chemical, especially late in

    the season, and you appreciate a tool that

    is dependable, economical, and easy to


2. You need to spray in areas where airplanes

    aren't effective due to drift, obstructions

    such as power lines or tree lines, or

    because regulations don't allow aerial



6. You need a multi-purpose tool that can be used

    throughout the growing season to drain water,

    wick tall weeds with non-selective chemical,

    rogue or spot spray red rice, cut levees, pull

    spills, and scout crop/weed development.

3. Your ATV is no longer an effective spraying

    tool because of its low tank capacity,

    uncomfortable operating environment, and

    high maintenance costs.


7. Your neighbor will no longer loan his

    MudMaster to you because it's always in

    the field!

4. Application at the right time is critical,

    even when field conditions aren't perfect.


        MudMaster Features and Specifications

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